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Kesar Jalebi
Kesar Jalebi
Ingredients *
100 g. flour*
10 g. curd*
1/4 kg desi ghee*
2 cups water (approx. 480 ml.)
For Sugar Syrup * 250 g. sugar* 2 cups water* strands of saffron

Method For Sugar Syrup * Bring the sugar and water to a boil, make a thick syrup, add saffron strands.

Jalebi * Add curd and two cups water to the flour and mix well. * Cover and keep aside overnight for at least 24 hours to ferment. * Heat the ghee. * Put the jalebi mixture in a cloth with a hole and gently squeeze the cloth making round shaped jalebis directly in the hot ghee, fry till brown, remove in strainer and put them immediately in sugar syrup.

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