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Besan Burfi
Besan Burfi
Ingredients * 1 cup gram flour*
1 cup fine rava*
1 cup grated coconut*
1 cup ghee*
1 cup milk*
2 cup sugar*
1/2 tsp cardamom
Method * Take a deep pan. Let the stove heat be medium. Put milk and sugar. Make a light syrup. * Put coconut, half quantity of ghee, cardamom in a sugar syrup. Keep stirring it. This should come to one boil. * Now start putting gram flour, fine rava in a small quantities and keep stirring. In a end put the rest of ghee. Keep stirring it until the solution start separating from the pan. Feel this by dipping a cake tester in it. * When done pour the thick solution in a gressed thali and cut it according to your favourite shape. * Heat should always be medium and continous stirring is required for best burfi.

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