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Fresh-Slender-long Carrots(grated/boiled)- 4-5
1/2 --litre cream milk .
Sugar-- 2 Cups.
Cardamom Powdered - 1/2 tsp
Cashews and Almonds sliced - 5-6.


* Wash and Peel-off the skin of the carrots. Cut the Edges. Then boil the carrot by keeping it in the pressure cooker or grate it.(optional)

* Meanwhile boil the cream milk in a big thick bottomed vessel. Boil the milk and keep it aside.

* Grind the boiled carrot in the mixture,into a paste and then add the carrot paste/grated caroots into the boiling milk. And keep the mixture again in the gas stove.

* Stir constantly.

* Add the Cup of Sugar.

* Add Cardamom and leave until the mixture comes to a boiling state or until the raw smell of the carrot goes.

* Then sprinkle the shredded cashwes and almonds.

* Let it cool for sometime.Serve either hot or after refrigerating it.

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